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Dear Applicant

Thank you for your interest in our post of Chief Executive for Sacro.  I hope that you will find the information we have provided about the organisation to be of interest to the extent that you will proceed further.

Sacro is a long established and well-regarded provider of services in the community justice field.  We began as an organisation delivering care and resettlement for offenders but in recent years our range of services has widened considerably as you will see from the information for applicants.  Our current Chief Executive Tom Halpin is taking a well deserved retirement after 10 years of leading the organisation.  These have not always been easy times given the difficult financial constraints which we have been experiencing across the Third Sector.  Notwithstanding those challenges Tom has continually developed our services and we are now looking for someone who will continue that work through fresh eyes but with the same energy Tom has brought to the role.

We are a national service provider delivering services the length and breadth of the country but of course there are still areas to be explored for possible development.  We are recognised as having particular expertise in managing risk and as an organisation with a strong commitment to forming effective partnerships wherever that will deliver the best services.  Because of our expertise and long standing reputation we are a voice which is listened to on matters of policy and we would want our new Chief Executive to ensure that continues.

The Chief Executive and senior team are supported by a Board which includes a very wide range of experience at senior levels in many fields and our new Chief Executive can depend on that continuing.  Be in no doubt Sacro is a very positive place to work alongside all our very committed colleagues and volunteers.  The feedback we regularly receive from the people who use our services is that we do indeed make a big difference in their lives.  I hope that you will be interested in leading the organisation into the future.

Sandy Cameron CBE, Chair

Sacro is a national voluntary organisation working across Scotland to make communities safer by reducing conflict and offending. Since its inception in November 1971, Sacro has grown and developed services across the whole of Scotland for individuals who need support, guidance or monitoring to reduce the risk of further conflict or offending. Its mission is to work nationally, and deliver locally, as a strong community-based organisation which seeks to create safe and cohesive communities across Scotland.

Committed to providing services that contribute to positive transformational changes in the lives of its service users, Sacro works independently and collaboratively within Scotland’s communities to provide support, prevent conflict and challenge offending behaviour wherever the need arises. Providing a wide range of services spanning all aspects of the community justice continuum, Sacro’s vision is for a safer Scotland where the wellbeing of people within their local communities is supported, where conflict is resolved constructively and where offending and its consequences are addressed effectively and appropriately.

Sacro’s working practices are guided by the belief that everyone should be shown respect and be empowered to take personal responsibility, acknowledging their capacity for change. With a commitment to consistently work to the highest ethical standards, Sacro has 4 core values which guide all their activities:

  • Integrity
  • Recognising and valuing diversity
  • Promoting equality of opportunity
  • Probity in the use of funds

With the key strategic priority to deliver services that contribute to the reduction of crime and harm within our communities, Sacro works both independently and in partnership with others who share their values and whose contribution helps to achieve the best possible outcomes in a way that empowers the people who use its services.

Sacro’s working practices are also guided by the belief that everyone should be shown respect and be supported and empowered to take personal responsibility, acknowledging their capacity for change. Its guiding principles are that:

  • conflict is most effectively resolved through informal, facilitated resolution which assists those people involved to identify their own lasting solutions;
  • offending and its consequences are most effectively addressed through an emphasis on community disposals and sentencing, other than where there is an overriding need to protect society.

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Reporting to the Board of Sacro, the Chief Executive will be responsible for the leadership and management of the operational and financial affairs of the charity whilst also developing, promoting and facilitating the strategies, objectives and policies of Sacro within the overall stated aims.

Key Priorities:

  • Working with the Board to prepare and implement Sacro’s new strategic plan
  • Ensure the continued financial sustainability of the organisation; identifying opportunities to diversify income streams that are aligned to Sacro’s core mission
  • Embed both a proactive and reactive approach to service delivery, anticipating the future and changing demand within criminal justice and the needs of service users
  • Build networks and develop and maintain strategic partnerships that will ensure Sacro delivers on their mission to make communities safer by reducing conflict and offending
  • Ensure Sacro continues to play a lead role in developing and shaping policy, including involvement in the Scottish Government’s national criminal justice debate
  • Develop Sacro’s internal capacity, capability and infrastructure ensuring it is fit for purpose for both current and future needs
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The recruitment for this position is being managed by our advising consultants, Livingston James.

Interested candidates should provide a tailored CV and covering letter to Douglas Adam at: [email protected]

All third party applications, enquiries and direct approaches to Sacro will be referred to Livingston James.

Recruitment Timetable

Closing Date for Applications – Monday 21stOctober
Shortlist Meeting (Sacro & Livingston James) – Monday 11thNovember
Panel Interviews – Tuesday 19thNovember

The recruitment of this position is managed by Livingston James